There are a lot of high quality websites out there. Good HTML/design, great writing, and generally well thought out sites. You can almost go anywhere and find some jerk with a beautiful, well done site.

And you know what? We're sick of em.

Low Quality is dedicated to those sites that make most people sick. It is dovoted to the scum of the internet, the bottom of the barrel, the last rung, rock bottom. Lowquality: We hunt out the sites that make you ill.

recent finds
Sunfire Speed!
Praise the lowered
Pat's pit stop
Forehead losers
E-cards for losers
we'll even say why

It is rare that a we recieve emails us asking to be listed on lowquality. In fact, it's only happened once, with the Lamest Selection of E-Cards this side of Blue Mountain.

Ah, nothing like hideously unfunny jokes about viagra to make those of us at Lowquality retch.


Forehead. The greatest thing about this site is that you can't ever tell what on earth "forehead" really is. Judging by the side bar, one would guess that "forehead" is a band, instead of a bunch of drunken, n-sync rejects which the rest of the site indicates. If this website isn't lowquality, we don't know what is.

Earnest reader! The Lowquality Janitorial Staff has not forgotten about you! We promise you more crud, vulgarity, and tasteless html is on the way!


Go to Pat's pitstop, and you can learn all about his life. For instance, we here at lowquality now know that Pat prefers coke over pepsi. wow. We're incredibly sorry we ever visited this page, it's that bad.


Praise the lowered is a laugh riot. If you decide to stow away your pride and vizat this page, be prepared for lotz and lotz of picturez of ugly azz carz (Ridez), and yez, all the s's are are turned into z's. What a joke.
Sadly and surprisingly enough, praise the lowered is having membership problems:

Due to lack of interest we now only have 3 members left, that would be me (trevor), nate, and marc.

Sorry guys, you're having memberz problemz because low riderz blow.


How touching...

You can read about his girlfriends... car. Just what the internet needed! Gee, too bad the "Project Cupcake" link is broken. One only needs to imagine what hid in the imaginations of this brilliant car man.


More bad sites! Midi files, clashing backgrounds, blink tags, tasteless-ness, it's all here!


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